23 November 2008

Elves and knitting

Today we opened the curtains to this:

Which promptly made me indulge in coffee with a dash of cocoa powder, candles on the windowsill and cranberry oil in my little aroma lamp.

It didn't quite stop:

What it doesn't show you is the windspeed (force 7). I can hear it howling even now. We usually don't do snow here, we do rain.
A couple of brave souls have been trying to build snowmen, but the snow is too wet and it's too windy.

I continued my latest knitting project, a length-wise scarf (bad idea when 4mm needles and size 4 perle cotton are involved) inspired by not only the gorgeous colours dyed by Sassa Lynne, but also by listening to an audiobook version of Neil Gaiman's InterWorld.
Meet Bubble Hue. A MDLF. And most likely a she.

I have another hank of her viscose/cotton ribbon yarn and after watching Lord of the Rings two nights ago have set my mind on designing my own LOTR scarf. More precisely: an Amon Hen scarf. It is a key scene, both sad and very important. A wonderful place, both ancient and disturbing.
A not too wide scarf, cables and lace involved, possibly some beads.

Also inspired by the movie (and I can watch it time and time again, I still discover something new, still get inspired and still want to go on a holiday to Lothlorien and Gondor's White City) and a post on Ravelry I researched what my name in Sindarin or Quenya would be:

IRL my name is the Low German and Swedish form of Christina/Kristina - meaning Follower of Christ.
Christ (origin Greek) itself is a title more than a name, meaning Anointed One. Rub it in ;-)
Thus in Quenya my name could be translated into Laivine as translation for anointed one (or Elpinoine, but that would be the 1:1 translation again). Seems to closest match so far.

The Council of Elrond suggests “Follower of God”:
Sindarin: Echileru - fem. Echilerueth, Echileruwen, Echileruien, Echileruiel
Sindarin: Aphadoneru - fem. Aphadonerueth, Aphadoneruwen, Aphadoneruien, Aphadoneruiel
which is only half true if you look for the meaning of and not just the translation of the name Kerstin.

I haven’t been able to find the Sindarin equivalent to “anointed” yet, and would then be adding a feminine ending, like -wen, or -hiril, or -iel.

My last name is equally fun and already interesting in itself - the Low German word for acorn, so “fruit, berry”.
So in Sindarin (not having found the direct translation) one could use doron (oak) and eridh (seed), so Doroneridh.

Fixed a lovely meal out of kohlrabi and mashed potatoes.
Had lots of coffee.
And my usual headache. I should go and have my eyes checked.

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Myfanwy said...

Your scarf is quite beautiful.
....And I'm not in the least biased...
I wouldn't have thought of combining the yarns.