26 November 2008

My Dad

Because I'm a daughter, too!
On Monday evening my Mom and sister informed me that my Dad has been admitted to ICU earlier that evening with serious heart problems. HE called the ambulance after feeling pressure on his chest and a tingling in his left arm. He also had breathing problems.
The medical team wasn't able to stabilize him completely, had to defibrilate him at least once to get his heart back into rhythm.
He was stable and conscious when my Mom left the hospital and remaind that way during the night.
Further examinations revealed two almost blocked coronary arteries (Atherosclerosis) with likely the first signs of an unstable angina pectoris.
He had no further irregularities since Monday, but will receive a pace maker as precaution.

He has high bloodpressure for years, and while this is not necessarily a contributing factor to the atherosclerosis his chain smoking is. There will be a lot of changes in my parent's life from now on.

I haven't slept much and I will be off to see my family. My Mom is understandably very upset and it would be too much if we all would be staying with her at the same time. My sister and her husband are with her until tomorrow, we will come on Friday.

And now I have seriously had it with 2008...

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