11 November 2008

More breaking news

This time of the positive kind:
- I changed my banner! Why knit wonderful scarves when one can't use part of a picture for the blog? I like it a lot better!

- Keep you fingers crossed for me on Thursday. I won't say anything here until I know for sure if or if not this thing works out, but it should be a thing to help me out of the situation I'm in. But even if it doesn't work out, it's a good experience.

- I won! I'm not a winner sort of type, but this time I won. I don't know what yet, apart from books and treats, but The Witchy Chicks had a contest in October and I won. It couldn't have come at a better moment. Especially since my psychologist recommended reading, audiobooks and long walks. Long walks are more like a long swim in cold water - it's been rather stormy here and will remain like this until Thursday from the looks of it. So knitting, reading and audiobooks it is.

- I'm seriously considering growing my hair out. I'm currently not the tough and strong girl my short hair makes people think and I'm feeling soft and vulnerable. My outside doesn't reflect my inside anymore.

- I bought some dresses(!) yesterday! I currently have one, plus a couple of skirts, but have considered dresses for a while now. So my husband accompanied me and we got a dress, a nice tunic and a knitted dress/tunic! Plus leggings!
I'm not going to hotlink the pictures, they are copyrighted, so if you want to see what I got:

Flower Dress

Long Shirt, great with skinny jeans

I couldn't find the knitted ajour tunic - my big knitting project is a knitted dress and this little black tunic looks great! If my project, which I want to have finished for Christmas, turns out half as good looking I'm more than happy.

I need to get some boots now, too.

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