21 November 2008


Had a wonderful day today!
Outside, it's rain, storm and hail, interrupted by occasional sunshine. Winds went up to windforce 9 late morning, but died down somewhat.
Germany was hit pretty bad as well, I keep on following the news, hoping that my brother in law and my little sister make it home alright in these conditions.

My tummy is full of Dim Sums. I had some cassave, too.

The skinny scarf is finished and two hanks of wonderfully dyed yarn have been wound into balls, all while listening to my new favourite audiobook.

Project has been cast on on 10mm needles and is currently continued on 4mm needles, soon to be upgraded to 10mm again.

Behind me, I hear the sound of Daleks and my beloved 10th Doctor Who. In a couple of minutes I will cuddle up and watch (again) Lord of the Rings.

I fell in love today. With Hue. A MDLF. She has been the inspiration for my current knitting. And I doubt that most of you know what I am talking about. I love me some Hue!

My internet connection is giving out, so the picture I wanted to include will be uploaded tomorrow. Now it's time for some great costumes and one of my favourite movies.

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