08 November 2008

Breaking news

From the looks of it I'm now completely out from work, for at least the next six weeks.
I have an appointment with the company doctor on Monday, but after my talk with my therapist on Thurday I cannot hold up this pretense anymore. I'm getting worse instead of better and I'm constantly in tears. My concentration is down the drain, for a woman who could multitask with the best of them and now can't even finish one item at a time this is the most shocking realization.

I had to agree with my therapist and making that decision was one of the hardest - giving in, admitting weakness.
But it was and is the best decision. I need to get back upon my feet and have to take care of me first.

There is a certain relief that quickly overcame the guilt.

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Myfanwy said...

Take care of yourself. Strength will return as you rest. Lots of time for knitting.....